Standard Flavors


Lemon Poppy Seed
Pour a cup of tea and savor the flavor...
poppy seeds in combination with fresh lemon zest and lemon juice.

Butterscotch Pecan
This nutty-sweet shortbread is a delightful combination of
pecans and butterscotch.

Cranberry Orange
This shortbread is reminiscent of a cranberry relish salad...
cranberries and fresh orange zest.

Orange Chocolate
Nothing beats the classic combination of rich dark chocolate and orange.
This zesty shortbread is sure to please.

Dutch Chocolate
This shortbread is a chocolate lover's delight,
made with imported Dutch Chocolate.

Orange Zinger
Made with Demerara Sugar, this shortbread tastes like it was just picked from and
orange grove and then.... the explosion of the crystalized ginger afterburner ignites!

Caramel Apple
Oh my goodness!!! Just like a fresh apple pie!!
Apple, caramel bits, and a hint of cinnamon.

Yep - just like it's namesake...
Cinnamon and Demerara Sugar.

Crunchy, nutty, buttery, and sweet, this delectable shortbread is
everything you can ask for from a toffee treat.
Mocha Truffle
Made with milk chocolate chips and caramel-flavored coffee, 
these shortbread cookies satisfy both the chocolate and coffee addict.

Double Dutch
Smooth imported Dutch chocolate AND chocolate chips.
Double the chocolate makes this shortbread a favorite.

Brown Sugar
You can picture a plate of these tasty Scottish traditional shortbreads
made with brown sugar being served with afternoon tea.

Chocolate Chip
No explanation required...
Shortbread and chocolate chips!

Coffee Toffee
Bits of toffee and caramel-flavored coffee.
Pour a cup of your favorite coffee and enjoy!

Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt
Chocolate + Caramel + Sea Salt = Pure Yumminess
 Definitely a crowd pleaser!

Orange Spice
Just like that orange tea, this is a delightful blend of fresh
orange zest and warm spices.

What can you say? This buttery traditional shortbread is
the perfect pairing with a cup of steaming afternoon tea.

The deliciously buttery flavor combined with the slight tartness of the
dried cranberries
makes this shortbread a wonderful treat.

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