Spring & Summer Special Flavors

available April through September:

Apricot Rosemary
Definitely a Summer favorite - fresh rosemary baked with dried apricots.

Hawaiian Delight
Toasted coconut, pineapple, and macadamia nuts whisk you away to the Island.

White Wedding
White chocolate and Madagascar-Bourbon vanilla bean seed paste make
 this shortbread truly decadent.
Lemon Thyme
So Springy - fresh lemon zest with the earthiness of fresh thyme.

Orange Rosemary
A refreshing blend of fresh orange zest and fresh rosemary.
Apricot White Chocolate
White chocolate and dried apricots - how could that be bad?

Fall & Winter Special Flavors

available October through whenever Winter ends in Wisconsin:

Orange Raisin Oatmeal
A classical flavor combination for the Holiday season:
fresh orange zest and raisins.

Winter White
It's after Labor Day, so break out the Winter white.
White Chocolate and Madagascar-Bourbon vanilla bean seed paste...
a combination that will make you WANT it to be winter all year!!!

Caramel Spice
This shortbread flavor was inspired by the Spice Cake,  
topped with Caramel Icing,
  that Mom would make for Diana's birthday.
That same flavor is replicated with a combination of spices and
caramel bits.
Diana loves it and you will too!

Candy Cane
Infused with crushed peppermint candy,
this tasty treat is too good to hang from the Christmas tree.
This seasonal favorite is only available during the Winter.

Spiced Coffee
Warm cardamom and cinnamon give this coffee flavored shortbread
a Holiday taste. The crystalized ginger gives it a little extra kick.

Chocolate Spice
These shortbread delights are made with imported Dutch cocoa
and all of the Holiday spice flavors.

Holiday Fruit
You secretly love fruitcake, as long as it isn't a hard brick?
But, you're afraid to admit it? This shortbread is for YOU!
All of the good things you like are found in this shortbread...
candied cherries & orange peel, dried apricots, dates, and pecans,
along with golden honey, and just a little touch of bourbon.

This gingerbread doesn't have legs, but, they're sure to disappear.
All of the spices you would expect in gingerbread
are wrapped up in this convenient little package.

Minty Mocha
Need some chocolate with that peppermint?
Imported chocolate and peppermint to get yiou through
the Holiday Season...

Valentine's Day Special

available only in February:

Cherries Jubilee
Oh dear!
Cherries, white chocolate, Muscovdo sugar, vanilla bean paste,
orange zest, a dash of cinnamon, and a splash of French liqueur.

Chocolate Strawberry
Sweet strawberries and chocolate...
do you really need more details?

St Patrick's Day Special

available only in March:

Mint Chocolate
Buttery shortbread with minty chocolate.

Easter Special
available 2 weeks before and after  Easter:

Easter Candy

Everything you would expect in Easter candy - toasted coconut, 
chocolate chips, and multi-colored marshmallow bits.

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