Kenny's Daughters is committed to 

supporting local industries whenever possible. 

The following Wisconsin businesses provide us

with quality ingredients for our shortbread. 


Wisconsin Natural Acres 

If there's honey in the recipe, it comes from

Wisconsin Natural Acres. Touted to be

the Best Tasting Honey in the World, 

this honey was featured on 

Foodnetwork's Unwrapped.


Crystal Farms Cheese

Several of our Savory Collection 

flavors include Parmesan cheese. 

It's made right here in Southern Wisconsin.

You can be sure that it's fresh and 

made with the finest ingredients.


Henning's Cheese

Several of our Savory Collection 

flavors also include cheddar cheese. 

For 95 years, the Henning family has been

dedicated to producing quality cheese.

Their list of national and world awards

is evidence of their commitment and success. 


Andes Candies

Located in Delavan, Andes is part of 

Tootsie Roll Industries.  

All of our mint flavors include

Andes Candies. 


Gooseberries Fresh Food Market

Many of our special ingredients are purchased

from Gooseberries, in Burlington.

They provide most of our dried fruit, 

as well as the imported Dutch cocoa

and chocolate chips. 



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